Pollen records of profile Krumbach from southern Germany, supplement to: Frenzel, Burkhard (1991): Über einen frühen letzteiszeitlichen Vorstoß des Rheingletschers in das deutsche Alpenvorland. In: Frenzel, B (ed.), Klimageschichtliche Probleme der letzten 130 000 Jahre, Paläoklimaforschung, Akademie der Wissenschaften in der Literatur Mainz, Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, New York, 1, 377-400

Burkhard Frenzel
Some years ago a fossil lake basin was found in the northeastern part of the former Rhine-pied- mont-glacier, situated between the endmoraine system ofthe elassical Riß- andWürm glacia- tions, respectively. The lacustrine sediments contain the pollenflora ofthe Eemian interglacial. They are intensively thrusted. These sediments are eovered by a loam-layer, rieh in elasts. The thickness of this loam-layer varies between at least 170 and 400 cm. It consists in its major part of loess-loam and...
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