Sea-surface temperature reconstruction for sediment core GIK18287-3 in the tropical South China Sea, supplement to: Steinke, Stephan; Kienast, Markus; Pflaumann, Uwe; Weinelt, Mara; Stattegger, Karl (2001): A High-Resolution Sea-Surface Temperature Record from the Tropical South China Sea (16,500–3000 yr B.P.). Quaternary Research, 55(3), 352-362

Stephan Steinke, Markus Kienast, Uwe Pflaumann, Mara Weinelt & Karl Stattegger
The timing and magnitude of sea-surface temperature (SST) changes in the tropical southern South China Sea (SCS) during the last 16,500 years have been reconstructed on a high-resolution, 14C-dated sediment core using three different foraminiferal transfer functions (SIMMAX28, RAM, FP-12E) and geochemical (Uk'37) SST estimates. In agreement with CLIMAP reconstructions, both the FP-12E and the Uk'37 SST estimates show an average late glacial-interglacial SST difference of 2.0°C, whereas the RAM and SIMMAX28 foraminiferal transfer functions...
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