Pollen flux off Cape Blanc, supplement to: Romero, Oscar E; Dupont, Lydie M; Wyputta, Ulrike; Jahns, Susanne; Wefer, Gerold (2003): Temporal variability of fluxes of eolian-transported freshwater diatoms, phytoliths, and pollen grains off Cape Blanc as reflection of land-atmosphere-ocean interactions in northwest Africa. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 108(C5), 3153

Oscar E Romero, Lydie M Dupont, Ulrike Wyputta, Susanne Jahns & Gerold Wefer
Fluxes of airborne freshwater diatoms (FD), phytoliths (PH), and pollen grains (PO) collected with sediment traps off Cape Blanc, northwest Africa, from 1988 till 1991 are presented. Both continental rainfall variations and wind mean strength and direction play a key role in the temporal fluctuations of the fluxes of eolian traces in the pelagic realm. Drier conditions in Northern Africa in 1987 could have preceded the high lithogenic input and moderate FD flux in 1988....
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