Chemical composition of tephra from the Greenland-Iceland-Norwegian-Sea, supplement to: Wallrabe-Adams, Hans-Joachim; Lackschewitz, Klas Sven (2003): Chemical composition, distribution, and origin of silicic volcanic ash layers in the Greenland–Iceland–Norwegian Sea: explosive volcanism from 10 to 300 ka as recorded in deep-sea sediments. Marine Geology, 193(3-4), 273-293

Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams & Klas Sven Lackschewitz
Explosive ocean island volcanism in the Greenland-Iceland-Norwegian Sea (GIN Sea) is indicated by marine tephra layers at 10-300 ka. Peaks of explosive volcanism occurred in oxygen isotope stages 8, 7, 5 and 1. The depositional age of the tephra was estimated using the oxygen isotope stratigraphy and dating of marine records. Geochemical analyses of the tephra layers show that all originate from Iceland. Here we report the characteristics of tephra from these major Icelandic events...
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