Age determination and sea-surface reconstruction of sediment cores from the Norwegian Sea, supplement to: Dolven, J K; Cortese, Giuseppe; Bjorklund, Kjell R (2002): A high-resolution radiolarian-derived paleotemperature record for the Late Pleistocene-Holocene in the Norwegian Sea. Paleoceanography, 17(4), 1072

J K Dolven, Giuseppe Cortese & Kjell R Bjorklund
Polycystine radiolarians are used to reconstruct summer sea surface temperatures (SSSTs) for the Late Pleistocene-Holocene (600-13,400 14C years BP) in the Norwegian Sea. At 13,200 14C years BP, the SSST was close to the average Holocene SSST (~12°C). It then gradually dropped to 7.1°C in the Younger Dryas. Near the Younger Dryas-Holocene transition (~10,000 14C years BP), the SSST increased 5°C in about 530 years. Four abrupt cooling events, with temperature drops of up to...
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