Ice-rafted debris, geochemistry and stable oxygen isotope record of sediment core MD99-2277, supplement to: Helmke, Jan Peter; Bauch, Henning A; Mazaud, Alain (2003): Evidence for a mid-Pleistocene shift of ice-drift pattern in the Nordic seas. Journal of Quaternary Science, 18(2), 183-191

Jan Peter Helmke, Henning A Bauch & Alain Mazaud
Sediment proxy records from a continuous, 1.5 million year long deep-sea sediment core from a site in the western Norwegian Sea were used to obtain new insights into the nature of palaeoceanographic change in the northern North Atlantic (Nordic seas) during the climatic shift of the Mid-Pleistocene Revolution (MPR). Red-green sediment colour and magnetic susceptibility records both reveal significant differences in their mean values when comparing the intervals older than 700 000 yr (700 ka)...
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