(Supplementary Table 1) 230Th/U results for stalagmite Cuba Grande (CG) from Pinar del Rio, supplement to: Fensterer, Claudia; Scholz, Denis; Hoffmann, Dirk L; Mangini, Augusto; Pajon, Jesus M (2010): 230Th/U-dating of a late Holocene low uranium speleothem from Cuba. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 9(1), 012015

Claudia Fensterer, Denis Scholz, Dirk L Hoffmann, Augusto Mangini & Jesus M Pajon
We present 22 U-series ages for a stalagmite from north-western Cuba based on multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICPMS) and thermal ionisation mass spectrometry (TIMS). Our results reveal that the stalagmite continuously grew within the last ~1400a. Low uranium content of the sample and thus, extremely low 230Th concentrations limit the precision and accuracy of 230Th/U-dating by TIMS. Samples measured by MC-ICPMS show a high variability of 232Th content along the growth axis with...
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