Sedimentology, foraminiferal assemblage, and isotope record of the Agulhas Bank region, supplement to: Rau, Amanda; Roger, J; Lutjeharms, Johann; Giraudeau, Jacques; Lee-Thorp, Julia; Chen, Min-Te; Waelbroeck, Claire (2002): A 450-kyr record of hydrological conditions on the western Agulhas Bank Slope, south of Africa. Marine Geology, 180(1-4), 183-201

Amanda Rau, J Roger, Johann Lutjeharms, Jacques Giraudeau, Julia Lee-Thorp, Min-Te Chen & Claire Waelbroeck
The Agulhas Bank region, south of Africa, is an oceanographically important and complex area. The leakage of warm saline Indian Ocean water into the South Atlantic around the southern tip of Africa is a crucial factor in the global thermohaline circulation. Foraminiferal assemblage, stable isotope and sedimentological data from the top 10 m of core MD962080, recovered from the western Agulhas Bank Slope, are used to indicate changes in water mass circulation in the southeastern...
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