Sedimentology of the Vietnam shelf, supplement to: Schimanski, Alexander; Stattegger, Karl (2005): Deglacial and Holocene evolution of the Vietnam shelf: stratigraphy, sediments and sea-level change. Marine Geology, 214(4), 365-387

Alexander Schimanski & Karl Stattegger
On the Vietnam Shelf more than 1000 miles of shallow high-resolution seismics were analyzed to unravel post-glacial evolution in a tropical, siliciclastic environment together with 25 sediment cores from water depths between 21 and 169 m to determine stratigraphy, distribution and style of sedimentation. Fourty-seven samples were dated with the AMS-14C technique.The shelf was grouped into three regions: a southern part, a central part, and a northern part. On the broad Southern Shelf, sedimentation is...
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