Barium concentration in sediments of the central Equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Paytan, Adina; Kaster, M (1996): Benthic Ba fluxes in the central Equatorial Pacific, implications for the ocean Ba cycle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 142(3-4), 439-450

Adina Paytan & M Kaster
High resolution pore-water dissolved Ba concentration-depth profiles were determined at seven sites across an Equatorial Pacific productivity gradient from 12°S to 9°N, at 140°W. These data are important for understanding the physical, chemical, and biological controls on Ba recycling in the ocean, and for evaluating the paleo-oceanographic significance of Ba content in central Equatorial Pacific sediments.Pore-water Ba concentrations at all sites are higher than in the overlying bottom water, leading to a diffusive flux of...
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