Test sizes of planktic foraminifera from the South Atlantic, supplement to: Schmidt, Daniela N; Renaud, Sabrina; Bollmann, Jörg (2003): Response of planktic foraminiferal size to late Quaternary climate change. Paleoceanography, 18(2), 1039

Daniela N Schmidt, Sabrina Renaud & Jörg Bollmann
Geographical size distribution within entire Holocene foraminiferal assemblages is related to global environmental gradients such as temperature, primary productivity, and environmental variability. This study demonstrates that these correlations are also recognizable in late Quaternary assemblages from three locations in the South Atlantic on temporal and latitudinal scales. The size response to temporal paleoenvironmental changes during glacial-interglacial cycles mimics the geographic Holocene size variability. The amplitude of size variability is directly related to the amplitude of...
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