Geochemistry on interstitial water of 5 sediment profiles from the Persian Gulf, supplement to: de Groot, K (1973): Geochemistry of tidal flat brines at Umm Said, SE Quatar, Persian Gulf. In: Purser, B H; The Persian Gulf, Holocene carbonate sedimentation and diagenesis in a shallow epicontiental sea. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 377-394

K de Groot
The landward part of the 7 km wide sabkha at Umm Said, SE Qatar, is filled with a stagnant brine virtually saturated with halite. Recent dolomite occurs in the sabkha sediments, the quantity being fully accounted for by the amount of Mg++ ions lost from the interstitial brine.The existence of a reflux system in the seaward parts of the sabkha was established. It was not, however, possible to gi ve any unequivocal demonstration of the...
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