Planktonic isotope record and clay mineralogy of sediment core PS2138-1, supplement to: Knies, Jochen; Vogt, Christoph (2003): Freshwater pulses in the eastern Arctic Ocean during Saalian and Early Weichselian ice-sheet collapse. Quaternary Research, 60(3), 243-251

Jochen Knies & Christoph Vogt
Improved multiparameter records from the northern Barents Sea margin show two prominent freshwater pulses into the Arctic Ocean during MIS 5 that significantly disturbed the regional oceanic regime and probably affected global climate. Both pulses are associated with major iceberg-rafted debris (IRD) events, revealing intensive iceberg/sea ice melting. The older meltwater pulse occurred near the MIS 5/6 boundary (~131,000 yr ago); its ~2000 year duration and high IRD input accompanied by high illite content suggest...
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