Biogenic sedimentation on the northern Norwegian continental shelf, supplement to: Knies, Jochen; Hald, Morten; Ebbesen, Hanne; Mann, Ute; Vogt, Christoph (2003): A deglacial-middle Holocene record of biogenic sedimentation and paleoproductivity changes from the northern Norwegian continental shelf. Paleoceanography, 18(4), 1096

Jochen Knies, Morten Hald, Hanne Ebbesen, Ute Mann & Christoph Vogt
The relative proportions of marine organic carbon and biogenic carbonate in a high-resolution record from a glacial trough on the northern Norwegian continental shelf were used to decipher changes in biogenic sedimentation and paleoproductivity from the last deglaciation to the middle Holocene. Decadal-scale to century-scale oscillations in biogenic sedimentation and surface ocean productivity recorded in the Andfjorden sediments are synchronous with abrupt climate changes in open oceanic and atmospheric regimes of the high northern latitudes....
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