Chemical analysis of clinoptilites from ODP Hole 127797B, supplement to: Nähr, Thomas H; Bohrmann, Gerhard (1999): Barium-rich authigenic clinoptilolite in sediments from the Japan Sea - a sink for dissolved barium? Chemical Geology, 158(3-4), 227-244

Thomas H Nähr & Gerhard Bohrmann
Exceptional barium-rich clinoptilolite, a heulandite-group zeolite, with Ba contents of up to 1.83 wt.% BaO occurs in Miocene sediments from the Yamato Basin of the Japan Sea (ODP Site 797). The clinoptilolites with highest Ba-concentrations occur directly below the base of the sulfate reduction zone, where pore water Ba concentrations are high due to the dissolution of biogenic barite. Downcore variations of the Ba content in clinoptilolites and pore water show that the formation of...
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