Chemical analysis of ash layers in ODP Leg 104 holes, supplement to: Bitschene, Peter Rene; Schmincke, Hans-Ulrich; Viereck-Götte, Lothar (1989): Cenozoic ash layers on the Vøring Plateau (ODP Leg 104). In: Eldholm, O; Thiede, J; Taylor, E; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 104, 357-366

Peter Rene Bitschene, Hans-Ulrich Schmincke & Lothar Viereck-Götte
Numerous fresh ash layers comprise about 0.3% by volume of Neogene to Holocene sediments drilled at Leg 104 Sites 642 and 643 (Vøring Plateau, North Atlantic). Median grain sizes of the ashes are about 100 /µm and maximum grain sizes range up to 1200 µm. Rhyolitic pumice shards dominate, with minor bubble wall shards. Basaltic shards are poorly vesicular and blocky or round. Phenocrystic plagioclase, zircon, and clinopyroxene occur in the rhyolitic, plagioclase, and clinopyroxene...
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