Composition of sediments, rocks, and ores from the Northern and Equatorial Indian Ocean, supplement to: Shnyukov, Evgeny F; Starostenko, V I; Belevtsev, R Ya; Gozhik, P F; Kalyaev, G I; Koptyukh, Yu M; Overchuk, V O; Slipchenko, V V; Sobotovich, Emlen V; Sobolevsky, Yu V; Chugunny, YuG; Shcherbakov, I B (1984): Geology and Metallogeny of the Northern and Equatorial Indian Ocean. Kiev, Naukova Dumka (E.F. Shnyukov, Ed.), 168 pp

Evgeny F Shnyukov, R Ya Belevtsev, B Kh Gevorkiyan, P F Gozhik, G I Kalyaev, Yu M Koptyukh, V O Overchuk, Georgy N Orlovsky, V V Slipchenko, Yu V Sobolevsky, Emlen V Sobotovich, YuG Chugunny & I B Shcherbakov
The monograph has been written on the base of data obtained from samples and materials collected during the 19-th cruise of RV ''Akademik Vernadsky'' to the Northern and Equatorial Indian Ocean. Geological features of the region (stratigraphy, tectonic structure, lithology, distribution of ore-forming components in bottom sediments, petrography of igneous rocks, etc.) are under consideration. Regularities of trace element concentration in Fe-Mn nodules, nodule distribution in bottom sediments, and engineering-geological properties of sediments within the...
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