Dinocyst datum events of several holes in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea, supplement to: Eldrett, James S; Harding, Ian C; Firth, John V; Roberts, Andrew P (2004): Magnetostratigraphic calibration of Eocene-Oligocene dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy from the Norwegian-Greenland Sea. Marine Geology, 204(1-2), 91-127

James S Eldrett, Ian C Harding, John V Firth & Andrew P Roberts
The presence of abundant age-diagnostic dinoflagellate cysts in Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Hole 913B (Leg 151), Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 338 (Leg 38) and ODP Hole 643A (Leg 104) has enabled the development of a new biostratigraphy for the Eocene-Oligocene interval in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea. This development is important because the calcareous microfossils usually used for biostratigraphy in this age interval are generally absent in high latitude sediments as a result of dissolution. In...
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