Sedimentation rate calculations and isotopic analysis on sediment cores along the IODP Expedition 311 transect, supplement to: Pohlman, John W; Kaneko, Masanori; Heuer, Verena B; Coffin, R B; Whiticar, Michael J (2009): Methane sources and production in the northern Cascadia margin gas hydrate system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 287(3-4), 504-512

John W Pohlman, Masanori Kaneko, Verena B Heuer, R B Coffin & Michael J Whiticar
The oceanographic and tectonic conditions of accretionary margins are well-suited for several potential processes governing methane generation, storage and release. To identify the relevant methane evolution pathways in the northern Cascadia accretionary margin, a four-site transect was drilled during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 311. The d13C values of methane range from a minimum value of -82.2 per mil on an uplifted ridge of accreted sediment near the deformation front (Site U1326, 1829 mbsl, meters...
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