The petrology of the lower series volcanics of ODP Hole 104-642E, supplement to: Parson, Lindsey M; Viereck-Götte, Lothar; Love, Dave; Gibson, Ian L; Morton, A W; Hertogen, Jan GH (1989): The petrology of the lower series volcanics, ODP Site 642. In: Eldholm, O; Thiede, J; Taylor, E; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 104, 419-428

Lindsey M Parson, Lothar Viereck-Götte, Dave Love, Ian L Gibson, A W Morton & Jan GH Hertogen
Between 1086.6 and 1229.4 m below seafloor at Site 642 on the Outer Vøring Plateau, a series of intermediate volcanic extrusive flow units and volcaniclastic sediments was sampled. A mixed sequence of dacitic subaerial flows, andesitic basalts, intermediate volcaniclastics, subordinate mid-ocean ridge basalt, (MORB) lithologies, and intrusives was recovered, in sharp contrast to the more uniform tholeiitic T-type MORB units of the overlying upper series. This lower series of volcanics is composed of three chemically...
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