Nd, Pb, and Be isotopes of ferromanaganese crusts of the South Pacific, supplement to: van de Flierdt, Tina; Frank, Martin; Halliday, Alex N; Hein, James R; Hattendorf, Bodo; Günther, Detlef; Kubik, Peter W (2004): Deep and bottom water export from the Southern Ocean to the Pacific Ocean over the past 38 million years. Paleoceanography, 19(1), PA1020

Tina van de Flierdt, Martin Frank, Alex N Halliday, James R Hein, Bodo Hattendorf, Detlef Günther & Peter W Kubik
The application of radiogenic isotopes to the study of Cenozoic circulation patterns in the South Pacific Ocean has been hampered by the fact that records from only equatorial Pacific deep water have been available. We present new Pb and Nd isotope time series for two ferromanganese crusts that grew from equatorial Pacific bottom water (D137-01, 'Nova', 7219 m water depth) and southwest Pacific deep water (63KD, 'Tasman', 1700 m water depth). The crusts were dated...
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