Physical oceanography from the Drake Passage and Bransfield Strait during Meteor cruise M56, supplement to: Haardt, H; Maaßen, R (1983): CTD and optical data from the Antarctic - Meteor 56 ANT I - Part I: CTD and Chlorophyll profiles. Reports Sonderforschungsbereich 95 Wechselwirkung Meer-Meeresboden, 61, 8 pp, tables digital

H Haardt & R Maaßen
This data publication is the electronic version of hydrographical and fluorometric data which were taken during the Antarctic cruise ANT I No. 56 of 'Meteor' from November 13th to December 18th 1980. The data were measured by means of the Optik Sonde (OS) of the SFB95. The data set contains the temperature and salinity profiles, the profiles of attenuation (extinction) coefficient at 670 nm wavelength and the fluorescence of chlorophyll expressed as chlorophyll a concentration...
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