Magnetostratigraphy of ODP Leg 178 holes, supplement to: Acton, Gary D; Guyodo, Yohan; Brachfeld, Stefanie A (2002): Magnetostratigraphy of sediment drifts on the continental rise of West Antarctica (ODP Leg 178, Sites 1095, 1096, and 1101). In: Barker, PF; Camerlenghi, A; Acton, GD; Ramsay, ATS (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 178, 1-61

Gary D Acton, Yohan Guyodo & Stefanie A Brachfeld
We present revised magnetostratigraphic interpretations for Ocean Drilling Program Sites 1095, 1096, and 1101, cored in sediment drifts located off the Pacific margin of the Antarctic Peninsula. The revised interpretations incorporate a variety of observations and results obtained since the end of Leg 178, of which the most significant are new paleomagnetic measurements from U-channel samples, composite depth scales that allow stratigraphic correlation between multiple holes cored at a site, and revised biostratigraphic interpretations. The...
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