Dissolved and particulate thorium 234 concentrations at time series station DYFAMED, supplement to: Schmidt, Sabine; Andersen, Valérie; Belviso, Sauveur; Marty, Jean-Claude (2002): Strong seasonality in particle dynamics of north-western Mediterranean surface waters as revealed by 234Th/238U. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 49(8), 1507-1518

Sabine Schmidt, Valérie Andersen, Sauveur Belviso & Jean-Claude Marty
234Th was used to quantify sinking fluxes and residence times of particles in surface waters of the north-western Mediterranean Sea. Measurements of dissolved and particulate 234Th were made at the DYFAMED station (43°25'N-7°51'E, JGOFS-France program). Sampling covered 1 year on four cruises in 1994 (February 9, April 29, June 3, October 1) and focused on a transition period in mid-spring with six repeated profiles collected during May 1995. 234Th was nearly in equilibrium with its...
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