Sea surface temperature record of ODP Site 202-1233, supplement to: Kaiser, Jérôme; Lamy, Frank; Hebbeln, Dierk (2005): A 70-kyr sea surface temperature record off southern Chile (Ocean Drilling Programm Site 1233). Paleoceanography, 20(4), PA4009

Jérôme Kaiser, Frank Lamy & Dierk Hebbeln
We present the first high-resolution alkenone-derived sea surface temperature (SST) reconstruction in the southeast Pacific (Ocean Drilling Program Site 1233) covering the major part of the last glacial period and the Holocene. The record shows a clear millennial-scale pattern that is very similar to climate fluctuations observed in Antarctic ice cores, suggesting that the Southern Hemisphere high-latitude climate changes extended into the midlatitudes, involving simultaneous changes in air temperatures over Antarctica, sea ice extent, extension...
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