Deep-water temperature reconstruction of sediment core MD99-2334, supplement to: Skinner, Luke C; Shackleton, Nicholas J; Elderfield, Henry (2003): Millennial-scale variability of deep-water temperature and d18Odw indicating deep-water source variations in the Northeast Atlantic, 0-34 cal. ka BP. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 4(12)

Luke C Skinner, Nicholas J Shackleton & Henry Elderfield
Paired measurements of Mg/Ca and delta18O(cc) (calcite delta18O) in benthic foraminifera from a deep-sea core recovered on the Iberian Margin (MD99-2334K; 37°48'N, 10°10'W; 3,146 m) have been performed in parallel with planktonic delta18O(cc) analyses and counts of ice-rafted debris (IRD). The synchrony of temperature changes recorded in the Greenland ice cores and in North Atlantic planktonic delta18O(cc) allows the proxy records from MD99-2334K to be placed confidently on the GISP2 time-scale. This correlation is further...
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