Sedimentology and faunal compositions of surface sediments from the southern Florida Strait, supplement to: Schwarz, Johanna; Rendle-Bühring, Rebecca (2005): Controls on modern carbonate preservation in the southern Florida Straits. Sedimentary Geology, 175, 153-167

Johanna Schwarz & Rebecca Rendle-Bühring
The water masses in the Florida Straits and Bahamas region are important sources for the Northern Atlantic surface ocean circulation. In this study, we analyse carbonate preservation in surface sediments located above the chemical lysocline in the Florida Straits and Bahamas region and discuss possible reasons for supralysoclinal dissolution. Calcite dissolution proxies such as the variation of the foraminiferal assemblage, Fragmentation Index, Benthic Foraminifera Index, and Resistance Index displayed a good preservation in both areas....
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