Stable isotope record of Globorotalia inflata, supplement to: Wilke, Iris; Peeters, Frank J C; Bickert, Torsten (2006): The influence of seawater carbonate ion concentration [CO32-] on the stable isotope composition of planktic foraminifera species Globorotalia inflata. Marine Micropaleontology, 58(4), 243-258

Iris Wilke, Frank J C Peeters & Torsten Bickert
We sampled the upper water column for living planktic foraminifera along the SW-African continental margin. The species Globorotalia inflata strongly dominates the foraminiferal assemblages with an overall relative abundance of 70-90%. The shell delta18O and delta13C values of G. inflata were measured and compared to the predicted oxygen isotope equilibrium values (delta18O(eq)) and to the carbon isotope composition of the total dissolved inorganic carbon (delta13C(DIC)) of seawater. The delta18O of G. inflata reflects the general...
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