Ingestion and clearance rates of Copepods, supplement to: Schultes, Sabine; Verity, Peter; Bathmann, Ulrich (2006): Copepod grazing during an iron-induced diatom bloom in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (EisenEx): I. Feeding patterns and grazing impact on prey populations. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 338(1), 16-34

Sabine Schultes, Peter Verity & Ulrich Bathmann
Feeding activity, selective grazing and the potential grazing impact of two dominant grazers of the Polar Frontal Zone, Calanus simillimus and Rhincalanus gigas, and of copepods < 2 mm were investigated with incubation experiments in the course of an iron fertilized diatom bloom in November 2000. All grazers were already actively feeding in the low chlorophyll waters prior to the onset of the bloom. C. simillimus maintained constant clearance rates and fed predominantly on diatoms....
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