Iron in the Sargasso Sea, supplement to: Sedwick, Peter; Church, T M; Bowie, Andrew R; Marsay, Christopher M; Ussher, S J; Achilles, K M; Lethaby, P J; Johnson, Rodney J; Sarin, Manmohan M; McGillicuddy, Dennis (2005): Iron in the Sargasso Sea (Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study region) during summer: Eolian imprint, spatiotemporal variability, and ecological implications. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 19, GB4006

Peter Sedwick, T M Church, Andrew R Bowie, Christopher M Marsay, S J Ussher, K M Achilles, P J Lethaby, Rodney J Johnson, Manmohan M Sarin & Dennis McGillicuddy
We report iron measurements for water column and aerosol samples collected in the Sargasso Sea during July-August 2003 (summer 2003) and April-May 2004 (spring 2004). Our data reveal a large seasonal change in the dissolved iron (dFe) concentration of surface waters in the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study region, from ~1-2 nM in summer 2003, when aerosol iron concentrations were high (mean 10 nmol/m**3), to ~0.1-0.2 nM in spring 2004, when aerosol iron concentrations were low...
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