Geochemistry of sediment core PS2456-4, supplement to: Spielhagen, Robert F; Siegert, Christine; Erlenkeuser, Helmut (2005): History of freshwater runoff across the Laptev Sea (Arctic) during the last degaciation. Global and Planetary Change, 48, 187-207

Robert F Spielhagen, Christine Siegert & Helmut Erlenkeuser
Sediment core PS2458 from the Laptev Sea continental margin (983-m water depth) stems from a position close to the paleoriver mouth of Lena and Yana rivers. It was dated by AMS-14C and analyzed in high resolution for oxygen isotopes of planktic foraminifers. Except the uppermost 100 cm and possibly the lowermost meter of the 8-m-long core, the sediments were deposited during the last deglaciation (14.5-8.0 cal-ka). According to 210Pb data, the uppermost 100 cm represents...
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