Sea surface temperature and salinity reconstruction of sediment core GeoB3129-1, supplement to: Weldeab, Syee; Schneider, Ralph R; Kölling, Martin (2006): Deglacial sea surface temperature and salinity increase in the western tropical Atlantic in synchrony with high latitude climate instabilities. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 241, 699-706

Syee Weldeab, Ralph R Schneider & Martin Kölling
A sediment core from the western tropical Atlantic covering the last 21,000 yr has been analysed for centennial scale reconstruction of sea surface temperature (SST) and ice volume-corrected oxygen isotopic composition of sea water (delta18O(ivc-sw)) using Mg / Ca and delta18O of the shallow dwelling planktonic foraminifer Globigerinoides ruber (white). At a period between 15.5 and 17.5 kyr BP, the Mg / Ca SST and delta18O(ivc-sw), a proxy for sea surface salinity (SSS), reveals a...
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