Late Weichselian fluvial evolution of the southern Kara Sea, supplement to: Dittmers, Klaus Hauke; Niessen, Frank; Stein, Ruediger (2008): Late Weichselian Fluvial Evolution on the Southern Kara Sea Shelf, North Siberia. Global and Planetary Change, 60(3-4), 327-350

Klaus Hauke Dittmers, Frank Niessen & Ruediger Stein
Glaciations had a profound impact on the global sea-level and particularly on the Arctic environments. One of the key questions related to this topic is, how did the discharge of the Siberian Ob and Yenisei rivers interact with a proximal ice sheet? In order to answer this question high-resolution (1-12 kHz), shallow-penetration seismic profiles were collected on the passive continental margin of the Kara Sea Shelf to study the paleo-drainage pattern of the Ob and...
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