Sea surface temperature reconstruction of ODP Site 175-1087, supplement to: McClymont, Erin L; Rosell-Melé, V; Giraudeau, Jacques; Pierre, Catherine; Lloyd, Jerry M (2005): Alkenone and coccolith records of the mid-Pleistocene in the south-east Atlantic: implications for the Uk37' index and South African climate. Quaternary Science Reviews, 24(14-15), 1559-1572

Erin L McClymont, V Rosell-Melé, Jacques Giraudeau, Catherine Pierre & Jerry M Lloyd
Successful application of the alkenone palaeothermometer, the UK'37 index, relies upon the assumption that fossil alkenone synthesisers responded to growth-temperature changes in a similar manner to the modern producers, chiefly the coccolithophores Emiliania huxleyi and Gephyrocapsa oceanica. We compare coccolith and UK'37 data from ODP Site 1087 in the south-east Atlantic between 1500 and 500 ka, and show that evolutionary events and changes in species dominance within the coccolithophore populations had little impact on the...
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