Benthic foraminifera asemblages and isotopic composition of surface sediment samples off Morocco, supplement to: Eberwein, Astrid; Mackensen, Andreas (2006): Regional primary productivity differences off Morocco (NW-Africa) recorded by modern benthic foraminifera and their stable carbon isotopic composition. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 53(8), 1379-1405

Astrid Eberwein & Andreas Mackensen
The influence of different primary productivity regimes on live (Rose Bengal stained) and dead benthic foraminiferal distribution, as well as on the stable carbon isotopic composition of foraminiferal tests, was investigated in sediment surface samples (0-1 cm) from the upwelling region off Morocco between Cape Ghir (31°N) and Cape Yubi (27°N). A combination of factor analysis, detrended correspondence analysis (DCA) and canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) was applied to the benthic foraminiferal data sets. Five major...
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