Barium in sediments off northwest Africa, supplement to: Plewa, Kerstin; Meggers, Helge; Kasten, Sabine (2006): Barium in sediments off NW Africa: A tracer for paleoproductivity or meltwater events? Paleoceanography, 21(2), PA2015

Kerstin Plewa, Helge Meggers & Sabine Kasten
High-resolution down-core analyses of the solid phase content of total barium (Batot) and total organic carbon (TOC) back to 25 kyr B.P. were performed on a gravity core from the upper continental slope off Cape Yubi (Morocco). The observed discrepancy between the two potential paleoproductivity proxies, Batot and TOC, initiated supplementary examinations of the pore water, the geochemistry of the clay fraction, X-ray diffraction analyses, and the application of a sequential Ba extraction method of...
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