Age models for ODPO Leg 130 sites, supplement to: Berger, Wolfgang H; Stax, Rainer (1994): Neogene carbonate stratigraphy of Ontong Java Plateau (Western Equatorial Pacific): three unexpected findings. Terra Nova, 6(5), 520-534

Wolfgang H Berger & Rainer Stax
The Neogene carbonate stratigraphy of five sites drilled on Ontong Java Plateau during Leg 130 reveals a number of patterns which are unexpected, and which we refer to as loss paradox, equatorial insensitivity, and climate paradox. They denote the following unresolved questions.1 The loss of carbonate at depth (as derived from differences in accumulation rates) is much greater than suggested by the change in carbonate percentages (calculated under the assumption that carbonate dissolution is the...
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