Age determination and radiometric dates of cores from Okarito Pakihi in Australia, supplement to: Vandergoes, Marcus J; Newnham, Rewi M; Preusser, Frank; Hendy, Chris H; Lowell, Thomas V; Fitzsimons, Sean J; Hogg, Alan G; Kasper, Haino Uwe; Schlüchter, Christian (2005): Regional insolation forcing of late Quaternary climate change in the Southern Hemisphere. Nature, 436, 242-245

Marcus J Vandergoes, Rewi M Newnham, Frank Preusser, Chris H Hendy, Thomas V Lowell, Sean J Fitzsimons, Alan G Hogg, Haino Uwe Kasper & Christian Schlüchter
In agreement with the Milankovitch orbital forcing hypothesis (Imbrie et al., 1993) it is often assumed that glacial-interglacial climate transitions occurred synchronously in the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the Earth. It is difficult to test this assumption, because of the paucity of long, continuous climate records from the Southern Hemisphere that have not been dated by tuning them to the presumed Northern Hemisphere signals (Lynch-Stieglitz, 2004). Here we present an independently dated terrestrial pollen...
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