Chemical composition of rocks and minerals from the Doldrums and Arkhangelsky Fracture Zones, supplement to: Pushcharovsky, Yury M; Raznitsin, Yury N; Mazarovich, Alexander O (1991): Structure of the Doldrums Fracture Zone: Central Atlantic. Geological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Transactions, vol. 459. Moscow, Nauka Publ. (Yu.M. Pushcharovsky, Ed.), 224 pp

Pavel A Kepezhinskas, Sergey G Skolotnev & Alexander A Peyve
The book deals with results of complex geological and geophysical studies in the Doldrums and Arkhangelsky Fracture Zones of the Central Atlantic. Description of the main features of bottom relief, sediments and crustal structure, geomagnetic field, composition of igneous and sedimentary rocks are given in the book. The authors made conclusions on tectonic delamination of the oceanic crust and existence of specific rock complexes forming non-spreading blocks
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