Sea-surface temperature reconstruction of sediment core JT96-09PC, supplement to: Kienast, Stephanie S; McKay, Jennifer L (2001): Sea surface temperature in the subarctic Northeast Pacific reflect millennial-scale climate oscillations during the last 16 kyrs. Geophysical Research Letters, 28(8), 1563-1566

Stephanie S Kienast & Jennifer L McKay
Changes of sea surface temperature (SST) in the subarctic NE Pacific over the last 16,000 calendar years before present (16 kyr BP) have been inferred from the study of C37 alkenone unsaturation in a sediment core from the western Canadian continental slope. Between 16.0 and 11.0 kyr, three distinct cold phases (6-7°C) interrupt two warmer periods (9-10°C). Within the 2sigma range of the radiocarbon based time control, the observed SST oscillations correspond to the Oldest...
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