Geochemistry and foraminiferal stable isotoe record of sediment core SCS90-36, supplement to: Huang, Chen-Yue; Wu, Sheu-Feng; Zhao, Meixun; Chen, Min-Te; Wang, Chung-Ho; Tu, Xia; Yuan, Peter B (1997): Surface ocean and monsoon climate variability in the south China Sea since last glaciation. Marine Micropaleontology, 32(1-2), 71-94

Chen-Yue Huang, Sheu-Feng Wu, Meixun Zhao, Min-Te Chen, Chung-Ho Wang, Xia Tu & Peter B Yuan
Changes in the Southeast Asia monsoon winds and surface circulation patterns since the last glaciation are inferred using multiple paleoceanographic indicators including planktic foraminifer faunal abundances, fauna and alkenones sea-surface temperature (SST) estimates, oxygen and carbon isotopes of planktic and benthic foraminifers, and sedimentary fluxes of carbonates and organic carbon obtained from deep-sea core SCS90-36 from the South China Sea (SCS) (17°59.70'N, 111°29.64'E at water depth 2050 m). All these paleoceanographic evidences indicate marked changes...
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