Pigment distribution in surface sediments of the North Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Pfannkuche, Olaf; Boetius, Antje; Lundgreen, Ulrich; Lochte, Karin; Thiel, Hjalmar (1999): Responses of deep-sea benthos to sedimentation patterns in the North-East Atlantic in 1992. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 46(4), 573-596

Olaf Pfannkuche, Antje Boetius, Ulrich Lundgreen, Karin Lochte & Hjalmar Thiel
In an extended deep-sea study the response of the benthic community to seasonally varying sedimentation rates of organic matter were investigated at a fixed abyssal site in the NE Atlantic (BIOTRANS station or JGOFS station L2 at 47°N-20°W, water depth >4500 m) on four legs of METEOR expedition 21 between March and August 1992. The vertical flux at 3500 m depth and temporal variations in the chloroplastic pigment concentration, a measure of phytodetritus deposition, and...
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