Activity and biomass of small benthic biota in the central Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Soltwedel, Thomas; Schewe, Ingo (1998): Activity and biomass of the small benthic biota in the Central Arctic Ocean. Polar Biology, 19(1), 52-62

Thomas Soltwedel & Ingo Schewe
Sediment samples collected during the expedition “Arctic Ocean '96” with the Swedish ice-breaker ODEN were investigated to estimate for the first time heterotrophic activity and total microbial biomass (size range from bacteria to small metazoans) from the perennially ice-covered central Arctic Ocean. Benthic activities and biomass were evaluated analysing a series of biogenic sediment compounds (i.e. bacterial exoenzymes, total adenylates, DNA, phospholipids, particulate proteins). In contrast to the very time-consuming sorting, enumeration and weight determination,...
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