Geochemistry on sapropel deposition in the eastern Mediterranean from cores TTR-GL94 and M25/4-KL11, supplement to: Martinez-Ruiz, Francisca C; Kastner, Miriam; Paytan, Adina; Ortega-Huertas, M; Bernasconi, Stefano M (2000): Geochemical evidence for enhanced productivity during S1 sapropel deposition in the eastern Mediterranean. Paleoceanography, 15(2), 200-209

Francisca C Martinez-Ruiz, Miriam Kastner, Adina Paytan, M Ortega-Huertas & Stefano M Bernasconi
The geochemistry of the youngest Mediterranean sapropel layer suggests changes in productivity and water column oxygen conditions during sapropel deposition. The Ba-enriched interval is broader than the organic-carbon-rich interval of this sapropel. We suggest that the Ba-enriched horizon records the original thickness of the sapropel prior to subsequent partial oxidation. The main carrier of Ba is barite, as microcrystals (0.5-5 µm ) having a morphology characteristic of marine barite, particularly abundant beneath high productivity regions....
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