Sea-surface reconstruction of the east-equatorial South Atlantic, supplement to: Schneider, Ralph R; Müller, Peter J; Ruhland, Götz; Meinecke, Gerrit; Schmidt, Heike; Wefer, Gerold (1996): Late Quarternary surface temperatures and productivity in the east-equatorial South Atlantic: response to changes in trade/monsoon wind forcing and surface water advection. In: Wefer, G; Berger, W H; Siedler, G & Webb, D (eds.), The South Atlantic: Present and Past Circulation, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 527-551

Ralph R Schneider, Peter J Müller, Götz Ruhland, Gerrit Meinecke, Heike Schmidt & Gerold Wefer
In order to reconstruct Late Quatemary variations of surface oceanography in the eastequatorial South Atlantic, time series of sea-surface temperatures (SST) and paleoproductivity were established from cores recovered in the Guinea and Angola Basins, and at the Walvis Ridge. These records, based on sedimentary alkenone and organic carbon concentrations, reveal that during the last 350,000 years surface circulation and productivity changes in the east-equatorial South Atlantic were highiy sensitive to climate forcing at 23- and...
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