Geochemical analyses from the Caravaca K/T boundary section, Spain, supplement to: Kaiho, Kunio; Kajiwara, Yoshimichi; Tazaki, Kazue; Ueshima, Masato; Takeda, Nobuyori; Kawahata, Hodaka; Arinobu, Tetsuya; Ishiwatari, Ryoshi; Hirai, Akio; Lamolda, Marcos A (1999): Oceanic primary productivity and dissolved oxygen levels at the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary: Their decrease, subsequent warming, and recovery. Paleoceanography, 14(4), 511-524

Kunio Kaiho, Yoshimichi Kajiwara, Kazue Tazaki, Masato Ueshima, Nobuyori Takeda, Hodaka Kawahata, Tetsuya Arinobu, Ryoshi Ishiwatari, Akio Hirai & Marcos A Lamolda
Thirty-six different geochemical and foraminiferal analyses were conducted on samples collected at closely spaced intervals across the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary exposed at Caravaca, Spain. A rapid reduction in the gradient between d13C values in fine fraction carbonate and benthic foraminiferal calcite and a decrease in the abundance of phosphorus (a proxy for organic carbon) and calcium were recorded in sediments 0-0.5 cm above the K/T boundary. These trends imply that an abrupt mass mortality occurred...
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