Ice-rafted debris flux in the North Pacific from cores 86-580, 145-882 and 145-887, supplement to: St. John, Kristen E Kudless; Krissek, Lawrence A (1999): Regional Patterns of Pleistocene Ice-Rafted Debris Flux in the North Pacific. Paleoceanography, 14(5), 653-662

Kristen E Kudless St. John & Lawrence A Krissek
IRD mass accumulation rate (MAR) records are presented for Deep Sea Drilling Project site 580 and Ocean Drilling Program sites 882 and 887 and are combined with results from previous IRD MAR studies to provide a synthesis of North Pacific Pleistocene ice rafting. Important regional differences in the ice rafting histories of the NW and NE Pacific are highlighted by this synthesis and include (1) significant variations in IRD fluxes across the North Pacific, which...
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