Calcium carbonate stratigraphy of ODP Site 177-1090, supplement to: O'Connell, Suzanne B; Ortiz, Joseph D (2002): Data Report: Calcium carbonate stratigraphy from sample measurements and diffuse spectral reflectance at Site 1090, ODP Leg 177. In: Gersonde, R; Hodell, DA; Blum, P (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 177, 1-24

Suzanne B O'Connell & Joseph D Ortiz
A total of 776 sediment samples were measured for percent CaCO3 using a coulometer. These data are compared with percent blue reflectance (450-550 nm) measured with the Oregon State University split-core analysis track. In previous studies percent blue reflectance has been an excellent proxy for percent CaCO3 and in this study shows many of the main depositional trends (i.e., a 100-k.y. cycle, with a 55% reflectance range is evident in the upper 900 k.y., underlain...
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