Reconstruction of sea-surface temperatures from asseblages of planktonic foraminifera, supplement to: Kucera, Michal; Weinelt, Mara; Kiefer, Thorsten; Pflaumann, Uwe; Hayes, Angela; Weinelt, Martin; Chen, Min-Te; Mix, Alan C; Barrows, Timothy T; Cortijo, Elsa; Duprat, Josette M; Juggins, Stephen; Waelbroeck, Claire (2005): Reconstruction of sea-surface temperatures from assemblages of planktonic foraminifera: multi-technique approach based on geographically constrained calibration datasets and its application to glacial Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Quaternary Science Reviews, 24(7-9), 951-998

Michal Kucera, Mara Weinelt, Thorsten Kiefer, Uwe Pflaumann, Angela Hayes, Martin Weinelt, Min-Te Chen, Alan C Mix, Timothy T Barrows, Elsa Cortijo, Josette M Duprat, Stephen Juggins & Claire Waelbroeck
We present a conceptual framework for a new approach to environmental calibration of planktonic foraminifer census counts. This approach is based on simultaneous application of a variety of transfer function techniques, which are trained on geographically constrained calibration data sets. It serves to minimise bias associated with the presence of cryptic species of planktonic foraminifera and provides an objective tool for assessing reliability of environmental estimates in fossil samples, allowing identification of adverse effects of...
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