Large-particle distribution at time series station DYFAMED, supplement to: Stemmann, Lars; Gorsky, Gabriel; Marty, Jean-Claude; Picheral, Marc; Miquel, Juan-Carlos (2002): Four-year study of large-particle vertical distribution (0–1000 m) in the NW Mediterranean in relation to hydrology, phytoplankton, and vertical flux. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 49(11), 2143-2162

Lars Stemmann, Gabriel Gorsky, Jean-Claude Marty, Marc Picheral & Juan-Carlos Miquel
Data on large particles (LP; >0.15 mm), phytoplankton communities, vertical fluxes, and hydrology were collected between January 1992 and June 1996 in the NW Mediterranean Sea, during DYFAMED, an interdisciplinary program part of JGOFS France. LP concentrations at the study sites were typical for values found in other open-ocean studies. LP temporal evolution showed an annual cycle. Concentrations were the highest in winter/spring (20-120/l, 5-280 mg/m**3) and lowest in summer and autumn (0-20/l, 0.8-60 mg/m**3)....
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